Welcome to the Rover P4 Drivers' Guild Website

Thank you for visiting our website. The Rover P4 Drivers' Guild is the only club that is dedicated to support of the Rover P4. The Guild has been in existence since 1977 and has members not only in the UK but in several countries around the world. The Guild is one of the founder members of the consortium of classic Rover clubs, known as Joint Rover Clubs, JRC. This website provides you with information relating to the Rover P4 range of cars, the Guild, our events, our e-commerce service which enables you to join the Guild, book events and buy regalia. The Guild has established an active Facebook Group and a Forum is also accessible from this website. Please follow the appropriate menu item to find out more information.

** Bookings for the Spring Rover Rally at Burghley House on 23 May 2021 can now be made using the Guild's e-Commerce service from the menu on the left.

** Regional Support Officer Vacancy

As a result of a significant increase in his day-time job demands, Jonathan Masters has reluctantly stepped down from his Guild Director role of Regional Support Officer (RSO). Jonathan has made significant progress whilst in the role and we are all very grateful to him for his efforts.

We are now looking for a Guild member who can further develop the RSO role. The responsibilities, in summary, are to help set up new/revised regional groups and engage with the Regional Reps to assist them in meeting the needs of the local Guild members. The RSO, as a member of the Guild committee, will also contribute to the general direction of the Guild's development.

If you are interested in the role, and would like further information, please contact the Guild Chairman using the details in Overdrive.


** Roverfest 2021 has been rescheduled to 2022. Please refer the Events page on this website for more information.


** Devon Regional Group 10th Classic Car Show - please refer to the Events pages for a change of date.

** The Guild's Forum is now available following software and database updates. Please contact the Guild's Webmaster if you encounter any issues. Thanks.


2021 Guild Membership

Rover P4 Drivers’ Guild membership for 2021 can now be purchased using
the secure e-Commerce service accessed by the menu item on the left. At a time which is difficult for many people, we're holding subscriptions at the same level as in 2020, i.e. £30 for UK members, £38 for other parts of Europe and £40 for the rest of the world.

For those members who are renewing, we have introdoced a change in the e-commerce system to enable you to enter "NO CHANGE" in the vehicle details field to save you having to look them up for when they are the same as previous years. Please refer to the instructions on the e-commerce system membeship form introduction.

For those who are thinking of joining the Guild for the first time, we'd like to draw your attention to the money saving Membership Benefits Scheme which provides a 10% discount with participating supplier of body repairs, rechroming and other metal polishing, Webasto roof installation, car covers, Dinitrol products and clock repairs. This is in addition to the other benefits of being in the only dedicated club for Rover P4s as covered within the About The Guild page of this website and the discounted insurance premiums available from insurers..

Another reason for not delaying, and for joining for the whole year rather than just part of it, is that a lack of membership can sometimes leave you without insurance. Many classic car insurers charge low premiums on the understanding that the policy holder is a member of the recognised club for the model, in this case the Guild. Skimp by delaying your membership renewal, and you could find yourself not covered if there’s an insurance claim. In the event of a claim, Insurers are at liberty to contact the Guild to confirm your membership. Therefore, if your P4 is insured on this basis, we strongly recommend that your membership of the Guild remains current for the whole year. We are aware that when Guild members are making insurance arrangements, insurers sometimes request membership numbers before commencing cover. Please note that the Guild does not issue membership numbers and this is not necessary for the insurers. Sending a photocopy/scan of your current membership card should be sufficient.

If you have any queries then please contact membership@roverp4dg.org.uk. 

A New Book Written By The Guild's President is now available

The Guild's President Stan Johnstone has just published his new book, Looking After The Mechanics Of Your Rover P4. This is a 152 page mine of information for anyone wanting simple straightforward advice on maintaining their P4 in tip-top mechanical condition. The book is available through the Guild, via its e-commerce service, priced at £14.99 plus £2.00 postage for UK non-Guild members and £13.00 plus £2.00 postage for UK Guild members. Postage for European destinations is £6.50.


This will make a fabulous Christmas present for someone who owns a Rover P4!


Please contact regalia@roverp4dg.org.uk for further information.


Guild Regalia and Remanufactured Parts

Guild Regalia and Remanufactured Parts, excluding door sill mats, are now available to those who are not paid up Guild members with a 20% item price increase. Those who wish to make a purchase can use the e-commerce service accessible from the menu on the left. The Guild's Regalia Officer will check all orders to ensure that those who are not Guild members are ordering at the higher item prices.

However, you might find that by joining the Guild, the regalia pricing, along with the other membership benefits, offer a better value solution for you. Now is the time to join for new 2021 membership year.

Remanufactured Door Sill Mats

The Rover P4 Drivers’ Guild is very pleased to advise that members can now buy a set of new remanufactured door sill matts for £80 plus £8 delivery for the UK and European members, and £15 delivery for members elsewhere. Please order via the Guild’s e-commerce service on this website, or contact our Regalia Officer, Paul Oliver, using the details in Overdrive. The Guild's e-commerce service shows pictures of these sill mats that have been installed in a P4. This represents another cost saving benefit of being a member of the Guild. Non-members can buy sill matts from John Wearing and John Wadhams.

2019 marked the 70th anniversary of the Rover P4 entering production with the 75 "Cyclops" model! Other News

The Guild's 70th Anniversary National Rally, held on 12th May 2019, was a major success. Over 150 cars assembled at Burghley House. Both classic and more recent Rover and Rover-related cars joined in for the day.

Our selection of regalia has been extended to include two different styles of wallets. Please refer to the e-commerce service from the menu on the left for pictures and pricing.

Owning a Rover P4 enables you to enjoy this standard of luxury!

This picture is of a 1959 Rover 90's interior, courtesy of

RP4DG member Paul Quarry

The pictures below are the copyright of the British Motor Museum and must not be copied. The pictures below are the copyright of the British Motor Museum and must not be copied.

In addition to handbooks, parts catalogues and workshop manuals, two other great books are also available from the Guild's Regalia Officer. The Rover P4 Technical Tips Book, Second Edition, is an invaluable collection of articles advising on various aspects of P4 maintenance. To our members the UK price is just £10, or £16 if not in the UK, this includes P&P. For those who are not Guild members, the UK price is £14.95 plus £4 for P&P and for those outside of the UK £14.95, plus P&P that is agreed up front with the Guild's Regalia Officer. Non-members wishing to purchase this book must contact the Regalia Officer via regalia@roverp4dg.org.uk.

Also available, is James Taylor's new book "Rover P4 - The Sales Literature", which catalogues all the advertising brochures produced by the Rover Company during the P4's production. Its price to UK members is £12 or £13 if not in the UK, this includes P&P.  For those who are not Guild members, the UK price is £14 and for those outside of the UK £15, plus P&P that is agreed up front with the Guild's Regalia Officer. Non-members wishing to purchase this book must contact the Regalia Officer via regalia@roverp4dg.org.uk.

The Rover P4 Drivers' Guild's Confidentiality and Privacy Statement for members of the Guild, in respect of the 2018 General Data Protection Regulation, can be found here. Please contact the Guild's Webmaster with any questions you have.