Rover club website links

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Websites specifically about the Rover P4:


Rover P4 Drivers' Guild Regional Groups (click on the name to open up the website in a new window)

Rover P4 Drivers' Guild - Devon Regional Group Rover P4 Drivers' Guild - Surrey Regional Group
Rover P4 Drivers' Guild - West Midlands Regional Group   


International Rover P4 websites and other P4 websites of interest:

Rover P4 Site Of Canada Rover P4 Drivers Guild Of Australia
Barry Kensett's Rover P4 Website Rover P4 Wikipedia
Roger Dealtry's Rover P4 Website Neil Ricci's Rover P4 Website


For those who use Facebook, there is a Facebook Group for the Rover P4 Drivers' Guild. For those who use Instagram, the Guild's Instagram Account is @roverp4dg. Please click on the relevant icon on the website menu to access these social media services.

The Guild is a member of the Joint Rover Clubs federation of classic Rover clubs. Please click HERE for further information.

Other interesting Rover websites:

Rover P5 Club Rover P6 Club
Rover P6 Owners Club The Rover SD1 Club
Rover 75/MG ZT Club Rover Sports Register
AR Online Rover 200/400 (R3 and R8) Website
Rover Coupe Owners Club Rover Club of Sweden
Norfolk & Norwich Rover Owners Club Rover Owners' Club Holland
Mid Lincs Rover Club
Mid Lincs Rover Club Facebook Group
Rover Club of France

Overdrive cover

The Guild's bi-monthly Overdrive magazine is the only club magazine that is dedicated to the Rover P4 range of cars. Its publication is a much praised service provided to Guild members. Please click the icon above to view a copy, noting that personal information has been redacted, hence the blank areas.



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The Guild is one of the founder members of the consortium of classic Rover clubs, known as Joint Rover Clubs, JRC. Please click the icon above for further information about JRC.

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The Guild is a member of the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs to ensure that we are kept appraised of national developments in addition to being able provide our views into national debate. Please click the icon above to open up the FBHVC website in a new window.