Seat belts and luggage

Seat belts

Seat belts for P4s were announced in December 1961. The Mk IV 80s and 100s were built with seat belts in mind and the mounting areas were pre-drilled from the factory. An alternative seat belt kit was also available for fitment to earlier models where holes needed to be drilled and spreader plates installed. The seat belts were made by the famous parachute manufacturing company called Irvin. 

Irvin belts 1 Overdrive control back
Irvin belts 3 Irvin belts 4a
Irvin belts 5 Irvin belts 6
DG belts 6 DG belts 7
DG belts 1 DG belts 2


Boot lid luggage straps

P4s were supplied with straps which enabled theirs owners to carry luggage which exceeded the height of the closed boot lid. These straps are affixed as per the following image. Hopefully luggage items were packed to avoid smaller items falling out of the cars at speed!

Charles bootstraps


Fitted luggage

The shape of P4 boots resulted in it being a challenge for owners to maximise on the space available given the sloping floor. Aftermarket luggage suppliers manufactured three-piece sets of bespoke suitcases to overcome the problem. Below are images of two sets of bespoke luggage in situ.

Early Cyclpps radio Overdrive control back


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