Support for the P4

Rover P4 owners are fortunate to have access to a well developed support network for their cars comprising parts suppliers, mechanics and Guild internet social media. As an owner you will be able to purchase the parts you need to maintain your car yourself should you wish to. The Guild also offers its members a specialised tool hire service, more details are in the Overdrive magazine. Alternatively, you can use one of the specialist suppliers who provide engineering and maintenance services. These suppliers are listed on this website within the About The Rover P4 menu group.

A very useful aspect of Guild membership is the access to support from both the committee and the monthly regional group meetings. Many problems are solved by sharing experiences and problems with other P4 owners where the offer of practical help is often forthcoming. The Guild's Facebook Group and Guild Website Forum are useful sources of help. Guild members can also contact our Technical Advice Officer for guidance, help and support.

The Guild publishes reprints of Rover P4 Workshop and Parts Manuals along with reprints of Owners Handbooks that relate to the different models of P4. These can be purchased via the Guild's e-Commerce service or via contact with the Regalia Officer. The Guild also remanufactures several parts which are available at attractive prices to Guild members. Most publications and parts are available to those who are not Guild members but they are charged a 20% uplift in prices.

In summary, the Guild prides itself with the support services it offers and the suppliers which, when considered in an overall sense, results in a P4 owner never being without help and support. However, if you feel that there is an aspect that we are not covering adequately then please contact the Guild Chairman.

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The Guild's bi-monthly Overdrive magazine is the only club magazine that is dedicated to the Rover P4 range of cars. Its publication is a much praised service provided to Guild members. Please click the icon above to view a copy, noting that personal information has been redacted, hence the blank areas.



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The Guild is one of the founder members of the consortium of classic Rover clubs, known as Joint Rover Clubs, JRC. Please click the icon above for further information about JRC.

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The Guild is a member of the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs to ensure that we are kept appraised of national developments in addition to being able provide our views into national debate. Please click the icon above to open up the FBHVC website in a new window.